Automatically generate videos for eCommerce with AWS and Mono

Mono is an automated video generation platform that answers frequently asked questions for e-Commerce stores. We use videos to simplify the buying process and improve conversions.

We have developed our own algorithms and a A.I. named Mono to extract frequently asked questions and write automatically the review answers for eCommerces and brands.

What if you could have a real person answer your customer questions in videos? Well, we can do that for you automatically. We are building a video bot that automatically answers frequently asked questions from your eCommerce customers. It will help you save time and get better quality leads for your business.

Through our partnership with AWS Activate, and GPUs, we were able to create this for any Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce store, with a 15s integration!

How it Works

We identify your visitors’ behavior and what attributes are analyzed by them while making their purchase. Based on this and millions of other experiences, we sent this to our cluster on Amazon, where we mainly use instances of the g4dn type for this type of processing.

They start the process using ffmpeg, and a proprietary Python script, in which they will access their eCommerce API, and download the necessary information. At the end of this, and an extensive process, we will generate an MP4 file with audio that will be hosted on our server and can be consumed by our client-side widget.

This entire process is extremely fast, and we generate numerous video versions based on the different acquisition channels of each visitor, all thanks to our processing cluster.

In less than 10s after the visitor enters a page, we will already have a video ready for him to consume.

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Automating Q&A Videos You Don’t Have To Worry About: Create videos automatically for eCommerces, answering frequently asked questions about the products.